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Claire Denis Film Scores – 1996 to 2009

Tindersticks have scored six of Claire Denis’ films, a collaboration unique on the indie side of the rock and film world. Stuart Staples talks about the origin and effect of a long partnership and explains why you won’t see the band in the credits of the Avatar sequel.

Electric Fruit

Mary Halvorson may be the future of jazz guitar, but her future might not be in jazz. She talks about Electric Fruit–her newest trio release with Weasel Walter and Peter Evans–crossing musical boundaries, and how planets can really mess up your life.


Matthew Friedberger, one half of the sibling nucleus of The Fiery Furnaces, talks about about his new recording series, Solos, in which he uses six different instruments to create six different albums, and his perversely scrupulous compulsion to leave audiences unsatisfied.

Shale and Sandstone

Jack-of-all-trades Douglas Kirby takes us on a trip through time, space and Shale and Sandstone, his new solo release under the name From a Fountain.

Oh and O

Markus Popp’s sonic project Oval has been credited with pioneering the influential genre called “glitch.” Now, after nearly a decade of silence, Oval has returned with a decidedly new musical direction. At Length speaks with Popp about this metamorphosis and previews a new track.


At Length talks to musician and composer Matthew Shipp about his new record 4D, his influential work as curator of the groundbreaking and genre-smashing Blue Series for Thirsty Ear Records and his often difficult relationship with the jazz establishment.

Finch (Original Soundtrack)

At Length joins novelist Jeff Vandermeer and rock band Murder by Death’s Adam Turla in a conversation about the latter’s haunting soundtrack to Vandermeer’s darkly fantastic detective novel, Finch, the third and final volume in his award-winning Ambergris Trilogy.

The Whole Tree Gone

Dynamic pianist and composer Myra Melford talks to At Length about her new record, The Whole Tree Gone, and pushing the boundaries of geography, genre and gender.


Jason Urick, the laptop sound collagist from the sadly defunct Baltimore collective Wzt Hearts, talks to At Length about his new album, Husbands, composing with computers, and the unspeakable genius of Nicolas Cage.

Rated O

Fat Bobby of Brooklyn stalwarts Oneida discusses their triple-disc behemoth, Rated O, and taking their “O”cropolis to the people at All Tomorrow’s Parties this Fall.