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Limbs Move Wind In

Kristina Jipson shifts perspectives through a series of overlapping poems that excavate rooms and reach into reflections.

from Critical Assembly

John Canaday tells the story of the world’s first nuclear weapons in the voices of the men and women who conceived them.

Bula Matari/ Smasher of Rocks

Tom Sleigh combines stagecraft, Conrad, family, nukes, colonialism, mythology, and more in a poem both intensely personal and astonishingly vast.

from A Night-Blue Stumble Of Gaslight

The adventures of L. M. Fish stretch across nearly a half-century of American history in a sequence that Tom Sleigh has praised as “an uncommonly intelligent, passionate, and tactile event.” By M. Reed Corey

Hydrology of California

Brenda Hillman‘s tour of California’s rivers invokes the future of poetry; addresses the likes of Wallace Stevens, Joni Mitchell and “crazy brenda”; and leads to a prayer that borrows from present joys.

Sorting &Wonder of Birds

Two linked poems from Joanna Klink rummage through a failed relationship, struggling with the challenge of compassion, the violence of the outside world, and the wish to anchor both in something true.

An Immigrant Woman

An engine of New York City’s growth becomes a terrifying example of its failures in Anne Winters’s intricate and harrowing account.

The Begotten

James McMichael builds to an uncanny version of the Irish potato famine, invoking the forces of appetite, increase, and distant authority.

Tantalus in Love

Alan Shapiro weaves Greek myth into a dramatic rendering of a marriage’s last moments and its tendency to reanimate itself every time it seems beyond hope.

Being Serious

Christian Wiman tells the life story of a man named Serious with unerring wit and mounting poignancy.