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How to diversify sex taking Kamagra: top 5 life hacks from medical experts

The founder of the reputable online pharmacy for role-playing games Cherry Twins gave some tips on how to make the couple’s intimate life brighter with Kamagra.

Sex doesn’t start in bed

The long-life together of a couple develops a kind of habit like sending the children to their grandmothers and buying generic drugs from leading online shops, as well as the tips to the partner that “today is yes.” As a result, there is no spontaneity in the relationship. The expert advises to tease each other and get away from love on schedule.

Talking about desires

The partner will be grateful if he or she can tell what he wants. If you can’t say it out loud, you can just write a note.

Teach each other

It is important for partners to understand what kind of caresses you like in bed. It excites and emotionally brings the couple together.

Change location and try new things

If the bed is already boring, and the street is scary, you can come up with other places to diversify sex. It is specified that in the US, there are a lot of hotels for role-playing games; in Europe and China, such institutions have become a common practice. We advise trying sex toys at our internet shop and other devices for games.