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PoetryApril 9, 2018

from OBIT

“The visits lessened and lessened. They were pursuing their own deaths.” Victoria Chang‘s obituaries spiral out from the death of her mother into a series of wide-ranging, imaginative, and heart-breaking meditations.

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PoetryJanuary 4, 2016

from Barbie Chang

“Barbie Chang’s mother made her / wear two pair of // underwear no wonder she is weird.” In an excerpt from her latest sequence, Victoria Chang turns not fitting in into both a distressing image of American life and an occasion for linguistic delight.

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PoetryAugust 20, 2012

from The Boss

“Who owns the land owns the buildings on the land owns the people in the/buildings unless an earthquake sucks the land in like a long noodle.” A vital new collection from Victoria Chang lines up the forces against us.

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