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  • Photography

  • Bill Durgin
  • Bill Durgin talks with Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching about his creative process and inspiration for the Studio Fantasy series of photographs.

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  • Poetry

  • from island of no birdsong
  • “i want to believe / in the resurrection / of the body because / i have no memories / of birdsong.” In a new poem from Craig Santos Perez, documentary and lyric overlap in the destruction of both avian life and human culture on Guam.

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  • Prose

  • Forty-nine
  • “To lift and see my hands. To see my elbows in a headstand. There went the earth, pressed down. There I went, up from what was dragging me.” A new essay on surprise, yoga, shooting, and writing from Colette LaBouff.

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  • Art

  • Takuji Hamanaka
  • Talking with artist and printmaker Takuji Hamanaka about his hybrid woodcut and collage works: radical displacements from his training in traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking.

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