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Eight Lo-Fis

“I believe in Music, / maker of all that, though / never quite, is as that / which was should have been.” H.L. Hix‘s Lo-Fis loop “what does not happen there” and what did not happen here, making much of what’s not quite.

He Would Always Love Painting More

“Don’t explain. It was an honor // to have been your goat, small / brained and hungry, your wind // advertising all it touched.” A beautiful new poem of art, love, and insufficiency from Jenny Browne.

Familiar Stranger

“Sliced in half, / I hold this rolling sound, / this heart shaking off / its hinges,” Jane Wong writes, shuffling, arranging, seeking connections. “The small heat of my arm nestles / in among the pines.”

Natural History

“We are in a great dying,” Robin Beth Schaer writes to her infant son, pulled by love for him into the the history of a world in decline. “Intricacies / of milk and sleep dismantle me. I empty / myself into you, hollowing by the ounce. // There are seven white rhinos when you are born. / A year later, six.”

Two Movies

“look at what the lord has made. / above Missouri, sweet smoke.” Danez Smith scripts heartbreaking films of racism, violence, anger, grief, endurance, and love, concluding, “I believe when a person dies / the black lives on.”

Shooting the Skulls: Devotionals

“No skull stays silent. Each spills its neglects.” In a brilliant new sequence of sonnets, Paisley Rekdal tries, in a time of war, to find voices for the abandoned skulls unearthed on the grounds of the Colorado State Mental Institution.


“What did her eyes that gleamed with the glow of extinguished silver see as she was peering into the afterlife?” In this translation from Fady Joudah, Amjad Nasser turns his dying mother’s prayer for him–”May God light your way”–into a meditation on the nature of light itself, wondering all the while, “Is remembering my mother a pretext to write about Noor/Dao, or is writing about them a pretext to remember my mother?”

Telephone Project #1

A conversation in poems, featuring original work from Kimiko Hahn, Idra Novey, Jee Leong Koh, Catherine Barnett, Patrick Rosal, Joshua Weiner, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Dana Levin, Afaa Michael Weaver, Juliana Spahr, Stephen Burt, Peter Campion, Evie Shockley, SS [full name deleted], Matthew Zapruder, Quinn Latimer, Meghan O’Rourke, Bob Hicock, Rachel Eliza Griffiths, A.E. Stallings, Sophie Cabot Black, and Geffrey Davis.

Telephone Project #2

A conversation in poems, featuring original work from Kimiko Hahn, Aracelis Girmay, John Murillo, Roger Sedarat, Jason Schneiderman, Jennifer Kronovet, Ross Gay, H.L. Hix, A. Van Jordan, Marilyn Nelson, Allison Benis White, Kathryn Stripling Byer, J.P. Dancing Bear, Meena Alexander, Paula Bohince, Tara Betts, Kristina Jipson, Ernest Hilbert, David Yezzi, Joanne Diaz, Kazim Ali, Ed Skoog, Erika Meitner, David Caplan, Jennifer Chang, Andre Hulet, Gerald Maa, Jenny Browne, and Ross White.

Scavenger Loop

“Who would I show it so unprocessed to—” David Baker rummages through dozens of texts, finding words for his mother’s death in an America of endless manufacture, modification and forestalled decay.