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Miss Emily’s Voyage

An Edwardian drawing-room drama, with laser guns, robots, hardcore pornography, and Faith Hill. By Mac Rogers.

The Decisive Ones

In post-Shock and Awe Baghdad, a team of reporters placed its operation in the hands of a trusted Iraqi driver. In an exceptional memoir, Thanassis Cambanis reports how it all went wrong for Sa’ad al-Azawi — and for Iraq.

Battle Creek

“My obsession with Marisa Snow as a possible target began in Advanced English…” In Ann Stewart‘s novella, a teenage gay bashing in Michigan’s Cereal City opens out to an exploration of rage, first love, and consequence.

Direction Nowhere

Forty years ago this month, Neil Young and Miles Davis shared a bill at a theater in New York City. Nate Chinen looks at two stars whose orbits passed tantalizingly close.


Running out of trouble in Bed-Stuy — and into it in Virginia. A new story from Belle Boggs, winner of the 2009 Bakeless Prize in Fiction.

Beneath the Trees

New York, 1920: Sol grabs a girl good. 1937: Sol draws a cake. 1963: Sol saves a purse. An immigrant’s life in America, in three chapters, from Erica Eisdorfer, the author of the new novel The Wet Nurse’s Tale.

Jobs for Philosophers

A touching and complicated story of a college professor and the lovers, children, and friends who capture her heart. By Michelle Herman, author of the novel Dog.


A memoir of childhood summers spent in small-town Missouri, in a grandfather’s mysterious salvage yard — and of the surprising ways memory itself is an ongoing reclamation project. By Andrew Wingfield.

Dying Makes You Stronger

Magoo and Audrey work together at the Hawaii Center for Tourism and Culture. When Magoo sets himself on fire, his death is just his first big surprise. By Lance Uyeda.

Media Vuelta

A Mexican musician travels to America to look for the wife he lost years ago. From Michael Jayme-Becerra, author of the short story collection Every Night Is Ladies’ Night.